Performance Monitor: Used Disk Space


New member
In the first CC I could choose to display the USED disk space on both Logical and physical drives, in CC2 i can only display FREE disk space.

Is there anyway that i can display USED space ?
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Not directly, if at all. MS seems more interested in free space data in the Perf Mon's and I believe in the WMI's sections.

If you want to torture yourself, you could peruse the entire WMI section thru CC2. Or you look thru the MS WMI tech sections. IIRC, I could never find anything that directly gave this info. But, like I said, it is torture to peruse. Also, I find it a BIG hit & miss to do a search at MS.

*If* you find a total disk space (same problem as above), you could do use the CC2 algebra functions to take total - free = used.