Parallel LCD on win2003


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I'm using a hd44780 LCD connected to a parallel port(LPT1). The os being used is Win2003 Server.
The LCD is hooked up correctly, becouse I've had some success with other software, but CristalControl doesn't seem to work. I always get an error(ERROR: Init of "Printer port 0x378" Failed), the same configuration & LCD work fine on winxp.
Searching the forum I found out that apparently CristalControl doesn't support win2003 and also that some people have had some luck with getting it working.

I have been reading, thinking and experimenting with this for a week now and I'm still coming out short.
So my question is how can I get CristalControl to work with win2003, if possible in any way?

Thanks for all the input.
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CF Mark

I dont think youll have much luck.

CrystalControl itself might work under Win2003, but the IO driver needed for using the parallel port might not (as youve found out).

The IO driver that was used in CC is no longer being updated or supported by the guy that wrote it.


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I'm sorry but I made a mistake. The software I'm using is CristalControl2(the last release) and not CristalControl.

Is there any way of updating the IO driver, or just simply using another one?

Since CristalControl2 is the only software that I have found so far that can keep track of all of the sever services(ftp, web, mail, dns, etc.), I would really like to get it working.

So any great ideas on how to get it going would be really appreciated.

CF Mark

Ahh, i see.

Well the problem i mentioned above does also effect CC2 as it uses that same IO driver.

I hope to get this fixed soon.


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I hate to be nosy, but any idea on how soon CC2 is going to be able to work in win2003? :D

Anyway I think CC2 is a really great peace of software and hats off to the programers.

As allways any tips and tricks on how to get CC2 to working would be helpfull.

Someone on the forum mentioned that installing another I/O driver would fix the problem. But I'm not sure what I/O driver to install or even where to start. So I hope someone with experience might be able to help.

Best regards