P.O.S.T. on LCD? Volume with a 633?


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Can this be done with current LCDs, or must something be custom

The way may motherboard (to be) works, is it has a 4
bit header (which is supposed to connect to LEDs on a rear
plate with LCD, and each of the 16 values is a POST level), and I
would like the LCD to connect to that header, and display
a text string relating to the POST status on the header.

I suppose I could program a small micro to relay that info
to the LCD before the LCD software does.

The other concern is can the buttons on a 633 be made to
control the volume, or most sound panel settings for that matter?
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CF Tech

The current version of firmware on the 633 does not have the ability to read those lines. The hardware can do it but there is not presently support for in the firmware.

We are working on a new version of CrystalControl that will have support for the 633's buttons.
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