output text box to display (visual basic 5)


New member
Hi there.
First off, I am not a Visual Basic programmer, nor am I much of a programmer in general.
But this project landed in my lap, and I need to complete it.
What I am trying to do is output a simple text box (in a VB5 exe) showing a running total of widgets produced to a Crystal Fontz 634.
Any assistance or a general shove in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
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I tried that, and had the reference problems he speaks of...
I think the fact that I have vb5 instead of 6 is throwing me off.
Totally unable to get his project to open.
I will try to address this...

CF Tech

I am glad that you have it going.

If you are game, could you post your working code and some notes on what it took to get it going back to this thread?

I am sure other users will find it useful.


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If I can figure it all out...
Like i said, I am far from being a VB programmer.
So I'm still playing with it.