Output garbage on 9600! Why wont it work?


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Hi, I've just received my 20x4 634 display and kit today and am remarkably impressed with the build quality, and the effort gone into packing it safely, and lets not forget the included pen, thx guys! ;)
But I've run into problems, the problem lies with windows :(
It's is like this:
I installed the Panel in my drive bay np. Hooked it all up and fired up WindowsXP. I then loaded the CrystalFontz test program and all worked fine, got great satisfaction from the bar graphs etc. :D
Then, I tried to use some of the software from the links page, like the winamp plugins and cpu monitors etc.
I've installed the Control Panel utility from PointOfNoReturn but when I run the test at 9600 a load of garbage comes outputs to the screen. Same thing with the Winamp plugin. Now I noticed that the CF test software was running at 19200 and that worked great, so I tested the CF prog at 9600 and the same thing happened. I've also tried all the lower speeds of 4800, 2400, & 1200, and none of these work either. :mad:
Will this display only work at 19200? I'm a bit upset that I cannot use this at the mo, please help! :confused:

Thanks in advance!
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CF Tech

There are two small switches on the back of the LCD. There is also a table that indicates how the switches affect the baud rate. Please set the switches to match your software (or the software to match the switches :))

The display will show the selected baud rate for a few seconds at power up, unless you have changed the boot screen or closed JPK.


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Stoopid Me!!!

Thanks, I realised seconds after posting that message just how much of a tit I am :)