..Operating System..



Hello all,

I am woking with AT89C51CC03 (Embedded System).
Currently i am using Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3.
I have not much idea related to Operating System(OS).

For ur point of view Which OS is better while working with Embedded System..??
Which OS occupy less memory compare to other OS..??
Which OS is better for security..??

Thank u in advance.
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CF Support2

There is a versions of Windows for embedded systems. From what I understand, it allows you to install only the options / features / drivers that are actually needed. This helps reduce the overall footprint of the OS.


There are a number of Linux distros out there that have bee tweaked for embedded systems as well. I am personally not as familar with them, but several of our customer have mentioned that they are using Linux in their embedded systems. Here is one example:


A good resource for all things embedded is Embedded.com: http://www.embedded.com/