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I’m trying to connect a CFA633 LCD module to a OOPic. I’ve tried and tried but I can’t figure it out.

Any help, or code, would be appreciated.

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Basic Stamp sample code - CRC calculation

I found the Basic Stamp sample code and am trying to translate it to work with the OOPic but I still can’t get it to work Here is the code I’ve come up with so far:

Dim SerialPort As New oSerial

Sub Main()
SerialPort.Baud = cv19200
SerialPort.Operate = cvTrue
oopic.delay = 400
SerialPort.value = 003
SerialPort.value = 014
SerialPort.value = 100
SerialPort.value = 20
SerialPort.value = 24
SerialPort.value = 12
SerialPort.value = 001
SerialPort.string = "Hello World!"
SerialPort.Baud = cv9600
end sub

I thought the LCD required a CRC for each packet but unless I missing something, the Basic Stamp sample code doesn’t produce one?


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Usually it is the CRC that is not correct.

Also watch out with basic, because some operations in the CFA-633 require bytes with a value of 0, which may confuse the built-in string functions.

I have attached a debugger screen shot that shows the exact sequence of bytes needed to send data to the two lines.



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Thank you to everyone who has helped me so far.

OK, I've done a lot of reading and searching and I thought I had figured it out but I can't get the proper results.

I have attached my source file for the OOPic. I used Basic syntax because I find it easier.

Please Help!


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I looked at your source then got to the CRC_Lookup function then stopped.

Have you thought of changing all those if/elses to an array and then just indexing the value from it. Not only will it save cycles retrieving the value, but alot of the limited memory in those small microcontrollers.