oled display problem


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Hi there,
we are implementing oled CFAL12832D-B with cc2541(bluetooth module). we developed code based on sample code given by crystalfontz for I2C communication but the display was not turning on. According to the datasheet ssd1306 in the section 8.9.2 Power ON and OFF sequence with Charge Pump Application we have added delay in between reset low and high(3us). but still the OLED is not getting powered on.
please help me in getting this issue resolved.
thanks in advance

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CF Support

If you can post your code, that'd be helpful, as it's difficult to help without knowing what you're sending to the display.

If not here, then send an email to support@crystalfontz.com, and reference this forum post, and post your code there so that we can help to get you going.