Oh Crap!, Need help, Long


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ok.. I bought this LCD. and wired it up per this] spec site.

The LCD tested great in my test system, but I could only see the LCD from an angle as I didn't adjust the contrast/ brigtness pots yet. Only yhte top rows of the LCD showed up showing that I wired it correctly. I even added the 95nt driver and was using LCD Smartie and things were great. Again I could only see the LCD from an angle. So I unplugged everything and installed it into my Main PC. I booted up the PC and loaded the 95nt/ lcd smartie and again could only see the LCD from an angle. So I decided to adjust the contrast..... then all I got was lines on the LCD. Both rows of the blocks showed up but started looking like andacting like this guys bigger lcd. . If you doenload the guys video on his LCD acting weird, mine looked similar. the lines would be in the first row and then soon the lcd just went blank

I used a 68 ohm resister on the 100 ohm pot per CF Tech

I read on here something about COLD solder? I'm using a good hot soldering gun, but older 60/40 solder w/ rosin. Im wondering if when I tried to adjust the contrast pot, that the bad joint caused the lines. I took a look at all the wires and everything was soldering on pretty solid.

I since resoldered the LCD without a resister per this spec I applied 5v to the 15 and 2 pins of the LCD and ground to the 1-3-5-16 pins of the lcd. I plugged it all in and the backlight comes on, but nothing displayed.

Just seeing if I either killed the LCD with the contrast pot... or just a case of bad solder??

Please help... Thanks so much
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