Newbie with 631


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I've just received a 631 and have installed it in my Shuttle SS51G running Windows XP.

I can't get it to do anything at the moment - the backlit screen doesn't come on and my PC can't find the new device.

I installed the USB drivers before I installed the hardware.

Due to lack of time ('cos I had to go to work this morning) I've not had a chance to retrace my steps and make sure everything is connected correctly.

Before I get home to work on this I wondered if you guys had any hints and tips in terms of troubleshooting ?

Also, I noticed that as well as the USD connector on the back of the LCD panel there is another connector - I wondered what this is for ?

Many thanks, Howard
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CF Mark

Really the only thing you can do is make sure the USB connection is okay, and then try it on a different PC.

Once it is detected by Windows, it will ask for drivers.
After the drivers are installed, it will "light up".

The other connector is for the "SCAB" module that allows the 631 to control 4 fans, and monitor up to 32 temp sensors (similar to the 633).


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Update - opened my Shuttle. Grnd connector was loose so no PC couldn't recognise it.

Re-Seated GRND connector, re-booted and hey presto ! Now have 2 631s working - 1 in my HTPC system and 1 in my server (using Motherboard monitor).

Fantastic !

Great product guys !

Cheers, Howard
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