Newbie Problems


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Hello there, I have a gang of newbie problems and questions hopefully someone can help before i give up on this..

I've bought a 633 lcd.. (it innitially was installed on my box.)
I have windows 2k3 (Windows 2003 Server Edition) installed on the system..

I can get wintest 1.9 to work and send stuff to the lcd without any problems

I can get crystalfontz 1.06 to install and run

I can install crystalfontz 2 version 03/25/06 but it will not run on the system.. (yes the serial wasn't in use when trying to run the program)

Here's some issues that are weird... in the wintest... I set my contrast to 30 percent and the backlight to 65 percent..

whenever I load the cf 1.06 the color display is too bright to read anything.. I have to change the colors to %15 percent on both the contrast and the backlight.. then i can read it.. but it seems tooo dim...

anyway to fix this?

2.) I am trying to write to the lcd in the wintest program I am using the testp acket commands and using the write feature.. and when i try to do this.. nothing happens to the lcd.. or is written to the lcd..

anyone know of a simple program to write to the lcd so that i can have a logo name or something displayed at all times until someone logs into the box.. then the lcd program runs.

3.) I have a product i am working on the requires no one to physcially access the box.. but only via a web control panel.. now i was wondering.. is there a way to have the lcd still run but without the need to log into windows?

4.) anyone have any win2k3 exp with this product or can anyone recommend any programs that can do what i am trying to do.. or is there any simpler programs out there that i can run to do this with?


the company I 've gotten the lcd's off of don't have any exp with this..
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