newbie 631/SCAB question


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I have hooked up my 631 w/SCAB to my pc, the unit appears to be working correctly with the CC sofware. The displays are working and reading the mobo5 software. I went to hook 2 fans to the fan1, fan2 headers on the SCAB and the fans do not power up. I can not seem to locate any SCAB utility in the CC software. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you for your help, I appreciate it!
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CF Tech

Do you have a 4-pin "floppy drive power connector" from your PC's power supply plugged into the connector on the SCAB?

The CFA-631 + SCAB cannot draw power from the USB (5v only) to run the fans (they need 12v).
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that makes sense......didnt think about the whole 5v vs 12v thing. I dont have that floppy power cable hooked, but I will. I knew I had missed something. Thank you for your prompt reply.