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New Version Email


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Previously my CC2 email worked, I tried the new March version over the top of the old. I tried the new version as a clean install and wiped out the CC2 folders just to be sure. All I got was E01 on the display where previously it displayed subject, amount of email etc. I uninstalled and went back to to the old version, CC2 email now working once again.

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Wow, very strange.

This is the first time I ever got it working.

I guess the keyphrase is YMMV...:(

Must have something to do with the SSL routines.

CF Mark

The old email plugin uses "cc2_email.ini", the new one uses "cc2_email2.ini".
If you rename "cc2_email.ini" to "cc2_email2.ini" your old email screens should then work with the new plugin.


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cc2_email2.ini ?????????????

I have the lastest version installed and it has cc2_email.dll and it will NOT find cc2_email2.ini.

It will find cc2_email.ini it creats this file with the New Email.2004 pluggin.

What am I missing?

OH, it will determine the number of emails but that is all it dones.

What should I do?



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At one point I think for some reason only the old .dll worked for me. Since I put in a new mobo, OC`d (woo hoo 3 gig on each core), wiped the drive and started again I just installed CC2 out of the box and that was that. Even copied the present email.2004 and changed it so I could check two different accounts by changing the file name and the title showing from the screen. Admin will sort you out...... these things are sent to test us.



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here u go....attached a zip file

I had the email try twice before I zipped the info.

Note that the number of emails is returned correct each time! nothing else is ever returned. maybe its Comcast LOL.

I noticed that there is a lot of "account busy" stuff so I made sure the account was not open or being sent mail to while this test was being done. Maybe the plug-in is not waiting long enough for the first data request to end before the next....i dont know. hope you can figure it out.




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Geeze now email is working......????

Now email is working......

Thanks for the fix LOL!!! I didn't do a thing.....I swear.

Just started working and showing all the info from the email.2004 screen.

I don't know why, don't ask me....

I will keep my fingers crossed.