New: Twitter RSS feeds/updates

CF Mark

Hi all,

I have just updated the textfile2 plugin to allow the use of HTTP user/password authentication, meaning that RSS feeds can be read from the Twitter website.

Using the attached updated plugin and screen files, will allow you to display the last 1 or 3 (depending on LCD size) tweets made by people you are following.

To use the new Twitter screens:
1 - Stop CrystalControl2
2 - Extract the files from the ZIP
3 - Copy the textfile2 plugin file into your CrystalControl2 directory (overwrites the old version of the plugin)
4 - Copy the screen files into your CrystalControl2\screen directory
5 - Restart CrystalControl2
6 - Load the screen files in the Screen Editor.

Note: The username and password you enter for Twitter will be stored in plain text (non-encrypted) in your CrystalControl2 setup files.
If you are concerned about security, do not use these screen files.

Enjoy :)
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