New Product -- Zanware PC Controller


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Hi all,

We'd like to announce our new product below. Early units are available from, or

The product uses the Crystalfontz CFAG12864B-TMI-V along with the Rabbit Ethernet Core Module RCM3710.

Low cost TCP/IP PC controller with LCD, control knob, temperature
sensor, light sensor, beeper/buzzer, and remote control, all fitting
neatly in a standard 3-gang electrical box, and powered via Ethernet

*Media Control -- Play MP3s, videos, play lists, browse your computers hard drive and play media.

*HomeSeer Control -- Control devices, trigger events, access e-mail, and other HomeSeer features.

*Internet Content -- Play Internet Radio, Webcasts, RSS news feeds, local weather, and more.

*Sensors and Utilities -- Temperature +-.5c, light level in LUX, alarm clock, timer, calender, and more.

*Easy Install -- Mounts in a 3-gang UL box. Single wire install with
Cat5 cable and Power over Ethernet.

*Extendable -- Write your own modules in JScript. Add new menus with XML.

*IR Receiver -- Works with any universal remote control (included). Control home automation via remote.

Included with unit:
*Unit pre-mounted in 3 gang electrical box
*Power adapter
*RJ45 adapter cable for power and network connection
*Universal remote control
*Allen wrench for knob removal

Download the PC software installer now. This installer includes an
emulator of the unit that runs on your PC. This will show you exactly how the unit operates, and is free.

View early product pictures here:

Purchase here:
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Zanware PC Controller

Hi All,

We have finally started on our web site for the Zanware PC Controller. Here is the URL:

Keep an eye on that site for the next few days as we add more details and pictures.




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Zanware PC Controller Kit

Hi Everyone,

We are now offering a shelftop kit based on the same product, but not in-wall -- it's a selfcontained unit that you build.

These are fun to build, and you will learn plenty. All server source code and firmware is open source.

All schematics are provided. Purchase directly from our web site. Check it out: