New MP3 LCD Software


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Hey, I just created a piece of software for my 16x2 LCD screen, and wanted to post the link to it... it is a full MP3 player, with playlist support, scrolling title, volume control, track seeking & skipping, etc via the numeric keypad.

The url is:

Have fun, and let me know if you had any problems with it, or feedback.

Justin Heiner
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The main thing that needs to happen for it to work is registering the Crystalfontz dll using regsvr32... there's instructions on the website. If that doesn't work it'll say something like "Can't create object"... also, a fairly new version of Media player is needed.

I'm going to put in IR support (for the IRMAN) fairly soon too... that should be cool.


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Update. Software that works :)

Just an update... I rewrote the software, using direct access to the Serial LCD (not that DLL that... that's not very useful once you figure out the ascii stuff).

I'm also using a MP3 OCX instead of Media Player. Media player ended up being a huge pain in the ass.

In other words, the software should work now, just unzip and run (editing the playlist and config if necessary of course).

You may have to refresh the webpage if you've been there recently.