New LCDriver page design... and updated v1.2 release!


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Heya folks :)

Just wanted to draw all your eyes for a few seconds - I've rolled out the new design that is going to feature up to and beyond the v2.0 release, so go feast your eyes... finally have an FAQ up and links to all the programs I know of that use LCDriver, including action shots on displays I have here.

More interesting though, I finally got an update out for the v1.0 codebase. I've wanted to in the past, but Visual Basic (which LCDCenter and several other common apps are written in) is a real pain in the ass about DLLs changing under it. It used to be that changing the DLL would prevent any VB software from working. However, I finally figured out a way to fool VB into seeing the old exports - so I can finally release a new version :)

This is not LCDriver v2. REPEAT: THIS IS NOT LCDRIVER 2.

Okay? Although there are some more tidbits about v2 on the page, and I'll be adding more as time goes on.

What this update DOES do:

1) Unlocking is a bit better behaved now.
2) It puts in a translation table for the CrystalFontz v2.0 firmware, so you don't get umlaut characters instead of brackets - a v2.0 display will look and work EXACTLY like a v1 display now.
3) 19200 and 57600 baud is now supported.

Everyone enjoy :)
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