New Fahrenheit SCAB Screen

Mike Eckman

New member
After many, MANY hours of trying to figure out how the calc plugin works and how to make my own screen file that can display all 4 SCAB sensors in Fahrenheit, I finally got it working. No disrespect to whoever made the other one, but I wanted one that displayed the current and max temps of all 4 sensors.

This screen shows the current temp and max temp of sensors 1-4, in order. I have them labeled as static text as CPU, RAM, HDD, and Cse in that order. You can rename the text if your sensors are for other things or remove one or many if you dont want to see all 4.

Hopefully this comes in handy for someone! View attachment
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CF Mark

Nice work :)
Can i have you permission to include this screen with the next release of CC2?
You'll be credited.

Mike Eckman

New member
Absolutely! I am glad I was able to contribute! I think someone else should try it first though, to make sure it works for everyone! :)