New CC2


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Did I miss something? I heard and read that there was supposed to be a new version of CC2 last week or the week before and there's not even a post about it, let alone the new version.

Any word on it's status?
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Is there a list or thread covering updates/changes in the new version?

CF Mark

Not as yet.

The main change since the last version though is the addition of full 631, 633 and 635 temperature sensor and fan control.

There are also lots of other changes, but these wont be as noticable as they effect how the CC2 service handles screens, events, etc.


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Is there a download or links page for CC2, or should we just watch the forums for the 635-ready update?


Should be very soon!

A few of us beta testers just received (i believe) the final release candidate today. I have found no problems. Hopefully, CC admin will be able to upload the link to the released package shortly.



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CF are working extremely hard on this one, and the benefits will definately be massive. Its been played down and low key but you are all in for one big surprise, I`m sure. Shouldn`t be too long now, hang in there.



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Sweet. My motherboard has a VERY SMALL issue with the last version. I was very sad that I had to revert back to CC1. You have made me happy woot....

I cross my fingers and pray this version likes my shuttle...