New 636???


I thought I would put in a vote for a new Crystalfontz display. It is basically a 634 with the features from a 635. Features:

- 2 bay design
- "gapless" display
- USB, 115200 baud
- 4 LED's, maybe 8?
- 6 keys, maybe more?
- Support for SCAB
- even bigger display than 634
- larger buffer for graphics characters

Anything else that needs to be added to this list???

Any other suggestions?

Like? No like? Let CF know now!

Using a little copy/paste from the Crystalfontz website, below is a pix of a prototype display.
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I already see a flaw.

Put your hands on the screen where the buttons are and then look at the display.
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Well, after I uploaded the picture, I realized that I should have put the buttons along the bottom and not the top.

Of course, I was was really just waiting to see if anyone would notice my "mistake".;)



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Basically, being able to mix graphics and text in a unit that has been specially made for Windows users. Maybe, use a character list with quite a few graphics designs and be able to easily construct a screen made up of these characters + text.

Use drag n drop to try them out, view in the module window and carry on designing and viewing until the right mix is found for that screen. The graphics designs would be CD discs and such like but higher quality graphics like we often see utilised in the LCD modules not passed for PC use.

Some buttons and LED`s would look good but maybe a slightly more upmarket look than the 635. Though, I hasten to add that does still look the bees knees in its own merit.

Steve, hastily wiping his slobbering lips...... :D


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1. How about having a place to plug in the computers power and reset switch to the 636 which would then replace the green check box and red x box on the faceplate of the crystalfontz device?

2. Have external leds (both small and regular size) that can change colours, which can be used to replace the HD and Power, led on a computer.

2b. Be able to plug in both the HD and Power from the motherboard to the 636? and have that control the two leds in the default mode but then be able to be configured differently when the software starts running.


1. When the computer is off and the user presses the power button on the computer then the computer turns on.

2. When the user presses the power button while the computer is running and the computers power button is set in it's default mode then the computer turns off.

3. When the user presses the power button while the computer is running and the software has kicks in and actively pings the 636? then send a command to the software where might log the user off but not turn the computer off.

1. When the computer first starts, the power led lights up.

2. When the computer is running and the software kicks in then the green led turns blue and remains off until new email arrives.

3. Same for the HD led.

1. When the software turns off or crashes then the led will turn green and will remain on and the HD led will turn orange and only blink when there's HD activity. Also, the power button will turn off the computer and the reset button will reset the machine.

BTW, with the way that my Crystalfontz display is setup, I've actually though about going in and programming one or all of the fans and temp settings to run the leds and power button. I press the power button which isn't connected to anything at the momment and that sends a temp of say 0 degrees c to the unit. Alternativly having the fan work from 0 to 99% but leave the 100% for turning on and off the light by using a microchip. So this could also be used as a external module for any of the CF supporting both fans and temp sensors though there would have to be a lot of software rewrite unless there was a way to turn off the module maybe by sending 99% 100% 99% 100% (module OFF) 98% 100% 98% 100% (module on) to fan1. Who knows.


Now, all we need to have CF do is design and build a super LCD display/controller.

Incorporates a "micro" operating system to include all the features us users would like it to have!:D

Only $399.99. But of course, you could just buy another "cheapy" Dell at that price.;)