New 635 not working (broken?)


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New 635 not working (broken?) [Solved]


I juste bought a CFA-635 along with the SCAB extension. Put everything in my box (linux). I can boot using the keypad so this part is OK.
However, I don't have any bootscreen... Only at boot the screen flashes (backlight) then nothing.
Under Linux, the lcd is recognized, modules loaded, and the test program says it's communicating. But nothing is displayed.
I plugged it on my Windows laptop, installed drivers,... The screen is recognized and initialized.
When I use the Wintest program, I can control the leds, change backlight setting, change the contrast so I can say each pixel is OK, but... that's all! Whatever text I send, nothing is displayed.
Broken? Not initialized? Help me please, my HTPC is almost complete (frontend for MythTV), this is the last part.

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Shame on me...
I did not plug the floppy power cable in the SCAB, thinking that the +5V from the WOL connector and the USB would power everything... I must have misread the manual.
So to resume, if you have CFA-635+SCAB+ATX, you must connect:
- floppy power cable on the SCAB
- WOL cable on the SCAB
- ATX (Power+Reset) on the SCAB
- USB on the LCD
- LCD to the SCAB

Note that if you test the LCD alone without the SCAB you will have problems as the LCD is configured/wired to work together with it...