New 635- Just Blank


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Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and the world of LCD's in general, but have been a programmer for years so I'm only clueless with the hardware side.

I just got a new 635 with SCAB, opened it, and installed the USB drivers like the docs say. Everything went fine, it was detected and assigned to COM4.

I tried CC2 and 635_WinTest_1_0, neither do anything. The screen remains blank with the backlight on- there wasn't any boot screen either. I have the external USB cable plugged into the back of the screen, I'm assuming everything's fine here since the screen was detected and is getting power.

635_WinTest_1_0 shows the correct info in the drop down list (Crystalfontz CFA635-USB (COM4)) but under status it says "Looking for module..."

I don't have any of the cables plugged into the SCAB and have tried both with and without the SCAB plugged into the back of the screen figuring the SCAB is optional, the screen should work with or without it... (Maybe not?)

I've also tried to reassign the COM port to COM2 (1 and 3 are in use) but that didn't change anything. Please help!
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CF Tech

Something is not right there. If the backlight comes on, the boot screen should be shown.

I'll open a ticket, so we can get it resolved.
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