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I just recieved my new 634 display and hooked it up and I get a blinking cursor??? WTF I ran wintest and it said "could not open any serial ports" ?? I have a UPS on com2 and it works. I have both 634 and com1 set to 19200 an nothing....
any help?

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CF Tech

Supposedly the UPS software would have COM2 open. If WinTest reports that it cannot open any of the serial ports, then either some other program has COM1 open, or COM1 is not enabled in the BIOS.

I would suggest this sequence for debugging:

1) disable the UPS software. See if WinTest will then open COM2. If it does, connect the LCD to COM2 and give it a quick try.

2) Assuming the step above works, then check under device manager to make sure both COM ports show up there without errors.

3) If COM1 shows up in device manager and WinTest cannot open it, then I guess you will have to figure out what program you have that might be using COM1. (Internal modem set to COM1 perhaps?)
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