New 633 LCD problem


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Okay so I'm a complete and utter novice with hardware. Lots of comms experience but not with this kinda kit.

I got my 633 and I simply do not know how to get it funtioning. I bought the RS232 cable and the fan connector. I got no power cable.

I lined up pin 1 on the cable to pin 1 on the header on the LCD. I plugged the other end into COM1 on my PC.

I installed the 633 service, and the other 633 software. I can see not output on the display at all. I presume it is not lighting up because I have no power connector, but I guess the question is does it work at all with no power cable ??
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CF Mark

It does need power.

It gets power from a normal floppy drive power connector already avaliable in your PC.

Itll plug into the top right plug on the back of the 633.
Itll only plug in one way.

As soon as it has power (no software), itll light up and start any fans that are connected to it.


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I see. Hmmmmmm I have only one in my case and it's used on the floppy drive. I guess I will pull it tonight in order to be able to test the LCD.

Can I suggest you add the power cable to the 633 ordering page along with the other cables so novices like me know to order one :)

I saw then on the 632 page but foolishly presumed as they were not on the 633 page it didn't need one. DUH!

Oh well at least it's saturday tomorrow so I can go find one.

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