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.Net Library Alpha Release *Update with Demo*

Welcome all!
I have written a library for .Net to work with the CFA631, CFA633, and CFA635. The library right now is in alpha release. This is currently to target other developers for feedback on the library. There is no demo release yet and that’s the main reason its “alpha”. I have also added a PDF file that will give you a brief overlook of the library, functions, events, and extras. This is an alpha meaning I will change method/function signatures before beta.

Current items I am workign on: No more need to worry about ThreadSafe items. All events will return on the right Thread. Also, adding a Queue system and check (To make sure each packet sent returns, no other data will be sent until the first packet comes back). This might take a little before the next release as well... Its a core change.

Charater Designer that works with both the .Net library and the WinTest apps by Crystalfontz.

Outputs charater in \010 format.


Alpha Release with Alpha Demo. Please note C# demo is more complete then the VB.Net

Side Note: I was a week late to posting this :), Two of my servers died :)

Quick & Dirty - Sample code to get you running:
Make sure you add: “imports Crystalfontz.Displays” or “using Crystalfontz.Displays”
Get list of Serial Ports:
ComDevice[] _devices = SerialPorts.ComPorts;
DataBind to ComboBox name cmbPorts
            cmbPorts.DataSource = _devices;
            cmbPorts.DisplayMember = "Name";
            cmbPorts.ValueMember = "PortName";
Create & Init Device ( Com1 would be the com port name the device is connected to):
	CFA631 _display = new CFA631(“Com1”);
	CFA633 _display = new CFA633(“Com1”);
	CFA635 _display = new CFA635(“Com1”);
That’s pretty much it to get it running. After that just hook into the events or use a function to send a command. Also, please note that if you are using events you CANNOT UPDATE THE GUI without using an Anonymous delegate.
Sample C#:
//Sample Method - Long Formating
void ThreadSafeCall(string Message)
	//Check to see if we are on the right thread
	if (this.InvokeRequired)    
		//Begin the Invoke, Create the delegate and reinvoke our selfs
			new MethodInvoker( 
									//Recall our self on the correct thread!
			//Say Update Textbox.Text here.
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