Negative Smooth Scrolling CFA-631


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OK So after several hours of coding i have managed to make the CFA-631 Smooth scroll. It works ok whilst displaying White Text on a blue Background. But when i flip it to run Blue Text on a white Background using the Rev command, i have to repeatedly put it back to being negative. Can it be done without having to repeatedly send the Rev command.

I have acheived the smooth scroll by incrementing a pixel shift from 0 - 6 ie one whole character. Then i return the pixel shift to 0 do a display shift left and start pixel shifting again. I also buffer the chars in the DDRAM off screen. But why when i display shift does the DDRAM addresses stay the same??

I have attached the program hopefully it'll work. No error handling!!!

Can you help with a better way to do smooth scrolling??



I did post a (what i thought was working) version in the third party forum you may wana delete it!!! Sorry!!
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