Need to know for a USB LCD 634 info


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Hello all,

I am new in the LCD experience so I know nothing about it !!!

I would be interested in a USB 634 but I just want to know if the single USB cable is enough or if we need to do electronic on it to make it work !

However I would like to see picture of USB 634 back to see how it is, but it seams to be impossible to see such a thing !

if someone can help a poor guy (such I am) it would be very very nice

Thanks a lot

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1. Yes, it uses 1 USB cable for power and input OR it can use the serial port

2. The USB cable comes in 2 types. It can hook to the rear of your computer OR it can hook to your motherboard via headers normally used to hook up additional USB ports.

3. The rear of the device can be viewed here:
634 Decription

4. A great many people read these posts, it really isnt needed that you post the same thing in many spots. Some consider it to be rude even.

P.S. I myself have the 634 and love it, is really a great piece of work but if your still doubting you should read some of the reviews and then ask yourself what exactly you need it for.

**Note Speak to admin and CF about changing or adding the image on the 634 description so the back panel actually shows the USB connection. Currently it shows the serial only.


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I know that I posted it in several zones of the forum, but there is a reason for that. It tried to find answers for 2 weeks and it was very hard to get real informations about it !!!! So that's why I decided it, anyway I have a feedback about it.

I also think that this product is really good and I ordered it yesterday in a french distributor !!! I hope it would be ok but I think there is no reason not to be !!!!

Thanks a lots for you feedback