Need some Input on a Custom Heads Up Display (HUD) unit..using LCD or LED display


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I drive a Twin Turbo Z car.. and basically i have a
small computer setup in my car (hacked Iopener) and i
am currently only using it for music and GPS.. i am
working on using it inconjunction with some data
logging from the ECU of the car.. to display some
items like Speed, RPM, Boost Pressure.. etc

now on several newer and older cars! (Z cars and
240sx's) They have a setup where an LCD/LED display is
used.. where the background is black.. and only the
character is lite up.. and using some special glass
coating by Dupont.. or in my case prob some mirror
tint!( dont laugh its been known to work! haha) its
projected/reflected onto the car's windshield..

i want to create one for myself.. using a
graphic/character LCD screen..

basically i am trying to get a foothold on all this
information i keep reading..and i need some answers
from some knowledgeable people

What type of LCD should i use.. anyone know of any
good/cheap ones? background must be black.. and it
should be birhgt enough to reflect off a car glass

And outputting software/controller cards? i know
there are several plugins for Winamp etc.. but has
anyone developed a standalone program for displaying
information strictly on the LCD?

sorry for all the basic questions.. but this seemed
like a forum where people answered.. i have checkd in
several others.. and they have all proved to be crappy

thanks again

Vik Saini
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What started as a project for an EBC for my Subaru WRX STi has progressed into something that does a lot of what you're looking for. The last thing I have been worrying about is the display. The problem I forsee is finding an affordable wide temp display as our cold Canadian winters frequently see -20C and below. I think that LED would work better but there really isn't anything available. They're also really expensive.



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Try a VFD screen instead. Matrix Orbital makes one along with some others out there. They're a lot brighter and work the way you want. Here's a link to a PC mod project that incorporates the display panel using tinting to mask the screen:

It's a long article but if you have the time, go to the appropriate section and see if it's what you're looking for.

More info on VFD manufacturers here:


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Thanks. I got a VFD from noritake and it's LCD compatiable which is great since you only need to feed 5V to it. The 150ma it draws isn't being nice to my SMT voltage regulator but adding a heat sink to that will probably solve the problem.