need info for usb lcd 634


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Hello all,

I am new in the LCD experience so I know nothing about it !!!

I would be interested in a USB 634 but I just want to know if the single USB cable is enough or if we need to do electronic on it to make it work !

However I would like to see picture of USB 634 back to see how it is, but it seams to be impossible to see such a thing !

if someone can help a poor guy (such I am) it would be very very nice

Thanks a lot

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The single USB cable they provide is enough, it powers the device and transmits the data. All very easy to use.

Ill be glad to take a shot of the back of mine when i get home. If no one beats me to it that is. If you have any interest at all in the LCD displays you wont be let down. Its completely awesome, and everyone who sees my computer is amazed by it.
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thanks a lot for your reply, I ordered one few days ago and I should receive it in a wild. I am very exciting about it, and I am sur that it will match correctly with the project I have !

I will post pictures when I willl finish the project !

thanks bye bye