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I know I'm probably going to get flamed for this post.. But I am not sure what i am doing wrong and i am new to this lcd stuff... so if there is anyone who can help or assist please feel free to do so..

So first things first.. I have a 633 serial connected crystalfontz lcd

my motherboard is an aopen ax4sg-un motherboard

I have power from the power supply going to the lcd.. it displays the crystalfontz information...

I have the ribbon cable running from the lcd to com2 on the motheboard... the red stripe is pointed to com1 (imontherboard pin 1 is up.. the ribbon cable is running to the left of the pin on the motherboard.. , lcd pin 1 is up.. red strip toward pin 1 and running to the right) I've tried all combinations just in case..

I am running crystalcontrol 1.06 build 220 and wintest 2.0 and 1.9b...

crystal control 1.06 doesn't do anything when testing..

wintest 2.0 says it opens up the com port but when i try to sendi t commands or do the test it doesn't do anything..

wintest 1.9b shows it looking for the lcd on comport 2.. doesn't do anything ..

I've also tried crystalcontrol 2 2006, 02 16 build.. same thing can't find it..

I also changed out the ribbon cable to see if it was the cable.. its not.. the cable works on a different computer than this one....

is there something i need to check or am i missing on connecting this lcd? I did see in the 633 manual something about a jumper setting to switch it to default and to mode 1 .. i looked for jumpers on my lcd itself i didn't see any config panel to change them.. how would i do this if needed? or is there any other solution you can recommend? thanx alot

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There are two common pinouts on motherboards for the 2x5 serial header. Some are one way, some are the other way.

We call these "default" and "alternate". The modules are shipped as "default". If your motherboard is "alternate", then you can either switch the jumpers on the module (requires soldering) or we can arrange for you to get a cable we have that has two connectors on it (one for "default" one for "alternate").

Unfortunately, the cable is not on the web site yet, so you would have to write support(at]crystalfontz[dot}com (edit to "@" and ".") and request "the cable for a CFA-633 that supports both standard and alternate pinouts".

For details, look in the CFA-633 data sheet under RS-232 connections, and compare the pinouts to the diagram in your motherboard manual.


I fixed your link, and I can now confirm. Look on page 57 of your manual, and on page 15 of our manual. Your motherboard has the pinout that we call "alternate".
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Thankyou for your help

Sounds good to me.. I'm completely new to the lcd stuff.. I'm going to order a cable today.. or talk to support about shipping me one immediately.. thanx alot...