Need help using the CFAG12864BTMIV under Linux


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Hello to all of you
I've got a brand new CFAG12864BTMIV LCD module [ see @ ] and I would like to use it on my server, a GNU/Linux Debian box.
I tried out LCDproc, configured it to use the CFontz driver, but when starting LCDd I get the following:
(root@TsunuX)# LCDd
CFontz: init() failed (No such file or directory)

Driver load failed, return code < 0
Could not load driver CFontz
There is no output driver
Critical error: main.c:238, abort
Do I need to compile my kernel with something special or so? I compiled it with the parallel port support I think that's enough.
I reviewed the documentation of LCDproc at but they're not giving any particular information on the CFontz driver.
I also searched this forum but didn't find any useful information about my case.

Any help, hint or advise would be appreciated.
I am not forced to use LCDproc, any other decent application would do.

Best regards,
- Tsuna.
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Sorry. I have no idea if LCDproc supports that display. You would have to consult the LCDproc docs or list to see if it is supported.

The only way I know of to connect that display to a PC is by using a parallel cable to the parallel port, which we do not support.

On the windows side, I think Power LCD supports that display (still not supported by us).