Need help reading 633 keypad with Basic Stamp


New member
This is my first time using an LCD (633) and I am trying to make a quick prototype using a Basic Stamp.

How can I read the keypad from the 633 using the Basic Stamp?

I would really appreciate any help on how to do this - is there any sample code, or has someone done this already?

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Anybody ever find some basic code to read switches in 633?

The serial 633 is a very attractive product but I need some simple code in Basic to read the keys with a Basic Atom (like a Basic Stamp). There seems to be no code anywhere on doing this. Does anybody have any? If so, I will buy the 633. Hope somebody can help! (Maybe Crystalfontz could have a tech spend 5 mins doing this, since there must be quite a few hobbyists and product development prototypers (like me) who need a product asap. There is Basic code on reading the display posted in the forums (thanks!) but none of the keys, which seem to be very difficult to read, judging from the posts).

Hope somebody can help, as finding a 4 key keypad to attach to a serial LCD like the Scott Edwards ILM 216 has proved tricky and the 633 would be great.