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Need help initialising CFAG320240C-FMI-T


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I am using the CFAG320240C-FMI-T for a university project with a PIC 18F8720. I have been trying to initialise the screen via analogue switches before connecting to the PIC to try to speed up the development process (we are starting to write the code before the PCB is built). However I have not been successful in getting anything to appear on the screen. Can someone please inform me of the settings that need to be initialised for the LCD. We will be using the LCD for text only (we have a lot of info to display).

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University of South Australia
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I have looked at your code and the data sheets and have tried initialising the LCD with the parameters from your code.... but am still unable to get anything being displayed to the screen!!!

Is the LCD already setup in 6800 family specs or in 8080 family specs (ie jumpers)?


Deane Klaer
University of South Australia


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OK... update.... we are now able to get text being displayed on the screen, however, we now have vertical lines (1 pixel wide) every 6 pixels which goes through the text!?!

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That particular display is set in 6800 mode by default.

To change the display to 8080 family, move the jumper from J68 to J80.

You'll need to clear the display prior to writing text on it, are you doing so?