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A few month ago i bought a 20x4 crystalfontz lcd. Now I am proud to present my software for Win2k (and some 98/ME). I am not at the end with my coding, but it's worth to look at it (I think).
The current version works with an universal LCD driver, that supports a lot of varoius LCDs, but I think a crystalfontz is the best for the job.
My programm shows a lot of screens on the LCD. The order of the screens is universal configurable.
*CPU usage, time, uptime
*free disk space
*Network/Internetstatistics (IP, Up/download -total -per sec)
*user defined text
*Winamp infos
*MotherboardMonitor 5 readouts (temperatures, fans and voltages coming soon)

If you are interested on the software, you can download it at
(This is not a final Version, only a fine beta :rolleyes: )
-For more infos about the driver and limitations read my readme.txt (only german).

Here is pictures of my current build:
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Any chance you doing that for Linux / open-source? or Does anyone have any reference of programming this thing so that I know I could do it in Linux before I go ahead and get one? Thanks.


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I happen to know that a lot of people from the forums, where LCDriver originated, have uploaded their programs to a community site, LCDomain - maybe you should upload it there too, since it's better than any of the other work I've seen yet:

(I'm trying to get Dexter, the organizer, to change the colorscheme - it hurts my eyes :( )

LCDriver v2.0 is going out pretty soon to the LCD manufacturers and a very small group to test the driver core, while I finish up the apps. There are now about five or six different ways to access it - one of them is an API nearly exactly the same as v1.1, except with a "display id" you have to include with each function call as the first parameter. (The others include a lcdproc-compatible TCP/IP socket, Windows HWND messages, and shared memory spaces)

Again, wonderful work - I haven't seen anything of this quality since I released it, it's glad to see some truly skilled authors working with LCDriver :)

- Ryan "Uller" Myers (
- Author of LCDriver


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First off, *waves to Ryan*

second off:)/) Yes i must say thats very nice work, does it just work on 4x20 displays?

ps. dang u uller, got me addicted on another forum


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thaaaanx for the flowers :)

Now Version 1.0 is ready. In an few weeks I will open a Homepage about my programm and plan to make an english version. Stand by...

The current Version is located at

Here are a few screenshots:

A pullout of my redme.txt... (german..sorry)

Derzeit bietet UIC folgende "screens" mit unteschiedlichen Features:

-CPU usage (Prozessor Belastung); uptime (Zeit seit letzten Windows start); time

-Free disk space
Anzeige des freien Laufwerksspeicherplatz

IP; up/download total, up/download per sec.

-user definierter Text
Benutzerdefinierbarer Text, inklusive Scrollfunktion

-WinAmp Infoscreen
Ausgabe von Titel; Bitrate; Samplerate; Stereo/Mono; Zeit (aktuelle Position, Gesammtlänge, Restzeit)

*MotherBoardMonitor 5 ( Informationen - Folgende 3 screens stehen zur Verfügung
-System Temperaturen
aktuelle thermische Daten der Temperaturfühler im System

-Fan speed
Geschwindigkeit in RPM angeschlossener Lüfter

-System Voltages
Spannungen der einzelnen Spannungsquellen im System


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another way to create user interface

Take a look at the following link and it may be able to assist in your user interface requirements. It's basically using an HTML editor to rapidly develop a GUI.


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that looks like a complete kit, lcd and software, and its a graphical lcd which CF dont offer yet... but none the less a good read :)



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looking good!

can i maybee take a look at 2 things of ur source?

first: how did u get the network stats? i couldn't find anything about that
second: the driver, i love to have a driver that works in winNT/2k, and maybe i can use urs?
i will offcourse set ur name on my page. ;)