my picture loader + lcd dislay


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Hi all new here.

Here is my "picture loader" machine:

Basically how it works is me (or my wife) will insert flash cards from camera into the machine and press the red button. Been doing this for YEARS (first with pcmcia reader) but only recently added an LCD display to know whats going on (if it crashed we had no way of knowing if it loaded or not).

This is a headless linux server, flash loader on the front and webserver + fileserver on the back.

CONS: bad color choice. I'm going to have to order another bezel, or make another button..hard to get a black or silver bezel though,. I think i am going to order a beige one from you guys.

BTW button is from this other serial-based button project called "parsled".

TO CrystalFontz: I like the way the 3.5 display with 4 buttons look, can that be programmed (in linux) to call a shell program whenever 1 or a combination is pressed? All i need actually is to run a shell script whenever a button is pressed.
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Very nice!

When a button is pressed, a packet containing the button information is sent over the RS-232 (or over the USB to the virtual com port) to the host.

You would need to have your app (the one that has the com port open for displaying status) watch for that packet, and then start the script.


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just an update

I though I'd post an update on the hardware pictured above, its much nicer now (the only picture i can find right now):

Thanks to your buttons I control the functions now much better.