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Well, if you guys remember me from awhile back, I did the review for on the 635 with SCAB.

I absolutly loved your guys product and your great support/staff and so when i saw a 634 a guy was selling I had to pick it up!

Well, I do not have the space to mount it in my PC (as i want to keep the 635 w/SCAB in my PC) so I made my own external box out of plexi.

I thought it turned out pretty good. The edges are a bit rough, but you can only really see the LCD from where I am sitting so I am happy with it. When I was drilling the hole for the cable in the back the Plexi shattered, so that is why it looks really rough there...:(

I also LOVE CC2 with the ability to have my 635 control both LCDs (Up and Down control the screens on the 634, left and right control the screens on the 635 :) ). I also love the dim feature so that both LCDs can dim down after 10 minutes (when my screensaver goes on). I will be happy when you guys release the GUI version (that i see beta testers have) so that you can make modules a bit more easily (a bit more like in LCD Smartie) as I am not the best with the raw code (but get by ;) )

My next endever is to do something I have not seen done yet, to put one of my Temp Monitors outside (my pc is right by a window) to monitor the current outside temp. I currently have an extra temp probe so I thought it should come in handy :)
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Looks nice.:cool:

I might suggest that you tie down the USB cable so that it can not get pulled out (easily) from the LCD. I've found that would be the easiest thing to screw-up an LCD, especially a portable one as yours.

The GUI is basically done as far as it is going to be with the current options. CCadmin wants to add a few more GUI modules.

Hopefully, by the end of the year???

Just don't quote me on that!!!

As far as mods go, I just purchased a new (cheap!) desktop case yesterday. I really don't like my jumbled stuff, so I'll transfer my external stuff from the xaser iii into the new case. Reservoir (not in my latest worklog) and the 631 will be right up front. My printer on top of it. Much more compact and usable than the current setup.

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good work :)

i should take photos of my external mount for my 635

basically, i took an old parallel external CDROM, took out the CDROM and mounted the 635.

then i put a HDD inside, with a USB-IDE connector and used the origional PSU for the CDROM to power the HDD...

cheap as chips :p

(photos coming soon... firing up the camera)


heres the photos:

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I took a case with a 3.5" slot at the front and about 8" long by 2" deep and made some modifications. It was to house an external CD Rom originally and had a fan and switch in the back. I placed my 635 module and scab in the front, drilled a hole in the side for cables. In the rear of the compartment I placed a USB harddrive and this is switched on/off by the case switch, along with the built in fan.

Now I have a portable LCD with up/down buttons for use in screens. Temperature loom comes out the side and can easily be used in any features I want. Then the harddrive is there to backup and/or transport data from one place to another.

I think the pics are on the forum some place already.



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Thanks for the comments guys!

I like your external mount as well BlancMange. The dual purpose idea is awesome!

I will also look into securing the cable sometime, right now it should be fine though, and I never move my PC or the LCD, so it is good for awhile :)