My little HD44780 LCD display


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Here is my little HD44780 LCD running CrystalControl v0.90 on Win98SE.
<IMG SRC="" ALT="My little HD44780 LCD display">

I have been using LCDcenter for a while, which works quite well, ( Thanks borderfield )

But I must say that CrystalControl looks great.
However just a couple things to report.

1/ Using ~MBMCPU~ always returns a 0 for me.
2/ I sometimes like to format my rows with leading spaces, but they seem to get striped and or ignored, this would be nice to have as an option. "Don't strip whitespace" or some such option.
Maybe there is already...?

Thanks again..
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CF Mark

The ~MBMCPU~ problem is caused by having an old version of MBM. MBM Version 5.1.x.x is needed.

As for the leading spaces problem, they do get left off, and it is a bug (your the first to report it). Its such an obvious problem, im not sure why i havnt noticed it before.
Ill fix it in the next version.
For the moment try using a . or somthing else at the start of the line you want to space out.

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