My "LCD" case


Just a pix of my "LCD" case. I am not a photography expert, so don't shoot me!;)

It contains (top to bottom), a 632 in the pix frame, a 635, a 634 and a 633.

This is *cheapy* case which contains the LCD's, an old 120Gig WD HD (data backup from my the computer HD's), 2 fans, and a 4-port USB hub.

For testing purposes, I have 1 fan hooked to the 635 and 1 fan hooked to the 633.

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My 631

And in my computer is my 631. 1 screen only, since the machine is stuck under my desk.

This LCD controls my computer fans. I have a total of 10 fans hooked up to the SCAB. I had 1 more fan hooked up to it at 1 point and the 480W power supply would not even power up...:D




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Looks good!

Seems odd that your 480w would not power on with 1 more fan.... i have a 480w PSU with a usage gauge and i am at under 40% with:

P4 3.0
6800 OC Graphics Card
2 Optical Burner Drives
Floppy Drive
Card Reader
TV Tuner
2x 80mm Fans Lighted
1x PCI Slot Fan
HDD Cooler Fan
Cold Cathode Lights
635 w/SCAB
1gb Memory
Ipod Charging via USB
PDA Charging via USB

and some other stuff....

It does sometimes come up to around 50-60% Load when alot of things are in use at the same time

Anyways, looks great, love your setup!


Usually startup requires more power than normal running. The fan I hooked up was a little 40mm that I stuck on my NB heatsink. It worked OK for a day or so, than stopped wanting to power up.

Removed it and all was OK again.:)

The power supply is a POS Themaltake, BTW. About the only component I wish I had done more research on when I built my system.



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Ya, i recently took the plunge to get a nice psu (instead of crap ones that come with cases). I opted for the Cooler Master Real Power

Works great so far:)