My kit


New member
Today is the day I got my 633 working! After talking to the wonderful customer support, I found that I had not connected the WOL (Wake on Lan) to the proper connector on the motherboard. A simple click and a few wires and assembly complete my toy. Now on to the future whatever that may be. As a VB programmer, I'm hoping to make some use of this toy. With six buttons, and a nice lit up display, I'm sure I can think of many things to come. Starting with one interesting idea I had. Since my case is pretty big and the fans don't bother me much. I'm thinking of attaching lights to the fan connectors and creating a lightshow to go with an orchestra. Of course, finding what lights would allow me to connect to these ports will be a question. Has anyone else tried this? In any case, I'm loving the features on the CrystalControl though I think more features are in need. Time to start up VB and try out my programming skills :)
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