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My blue CFAH2002A-TMC-JP mounted in Lian-Li (Pics)


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Here I have a CFAH2002A-TMC-JP mounted in a Lian-Li bezel. It was well worth it! :D I am using a wirz backpack and have the serial cable run into a VGA bracket, then another serial connection coming out the back..
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Oh, and sorry about the quality of the pics.. It looks like there are hot spots on either side of the LCD.. it's just how the camera picks it up, and it's a much deeper blue as well. :)


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New mounting bracket

Well, a friend of mine ordered a Lian-Li case and asked about the LCD setup.. I came back to crystalfontz.com and shysted a brick when I saw Crystalfontz carried aluminum mounting brackets for the 632 and 634. Keep up the good work! Wish I would have known about this a month ago :)


oh, and other pics of my case are at:


LCD pics will be updated soon!


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Ya, but I suspicious of the term "Brushed aluminum look"

Is it a plastic overlay with a silver rough finish?