My Amiga-based MP3 Jukebox with 16x2 CrystalFontz display


New member
Hi all,
I was looking for a display for my next project, when I found this forum and decided to post about the project I've just finished. It's probably quite trivial beside some of the other projects I've seen in here, but I like it! It's an MP3 jukebox which is now a part of my home entertainment system. I built it using the shell of an old CD deck, an old Amiga 1200 computer, an old power supply, and old laptop hard drive, a 16x2 CrystalFontz serial module, a MAS3507D chip for the decoding, and a lot of soldering. The old Amigas are great little systems for this sort of thing! Boots in a few seconds, doesn't need proper shutting down, and have plenty of ports for connecting to. The software is mostly written in BASIC with the core decoding parts in C.

Anyway, there's a photo of the finished article attached to this post, and if you're interested in seeing more of the insides and construction, I have some on my website here!

Thanks guys, looks like a lot of interesting stuff on this forum!
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