MPy3 and pyCFontz


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Well, i wrote <a href="">MPy3</a>, which is a simple (and developing) MP3 management system in Python, a scripting language. To handle the output to my CFontz 4x20, I wrote PyCFontz, which is a library to handle the functions that are outlined in the 4x20 specification. It's really simple, as all it does is write stuff out to the serial port.
Check it out, see what you think. The PyCFontz library is in the MPy3 tarball on the site. Enjoy!
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Great stuff


Thanks for writing this. I was going to write an identical module, and it's good to see that someone's beaten me to the mark. Hacking with 634 in Python just got a lot easier :)

--- Rupert

CrystalFontz folks... you might want to consider adding this to your software links page as a resource for developers (if Ben is ok with that.)


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MPy3 / PyCFontz is LGPL'ed

Well, MPy3 and PyCFontz are released under the GPL / LGPL, so they can do what they want with them. Enjoy!