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Has anyone got this working with mpxplay dos mp3 player. I know it supports serial and paralell LCD'S . I though this would look good in my car MP3 which is yet to get an lcd screen.
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For my car MP3 project, I have gotten my Crystalfontz serial LCD to work with Mpxplay via a program called MPXF. It includes a TSR that grabs info from the Mpxplay screen and pushes it to the LCD.

The current version of Mpxplay is 1.47.4, and the most current version of MPXF is 1.4. All development of MPXF was stopped in 2000, but some enthusiasts got ahold of the source code and made some updates that allow MPXF to work with Mpxplay version 1.43 and up. It's unofficially called MPXF version 1.44.

I found the programs at the following locations:

Mpxplay 1.47.4 (DOS 7.x/Win9x version)
Mpxplay 1.47.4 (DOS 6.x ONLY version)

As for MPXF 1.44 unofficial, I will have to email you the program. I looked for hours online, and I was VERY lucky to find it. What is your email address?



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mpxf 1.44

Hi trophoblast
please, could you e-mail me this unofficially version of mpxf called mpxf 1.44
thank's a lot:)


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Any chance you could send me a copy too.

I have been looking for a method of interfacing 4x40 display.

MPXPlay is perhaps the best MP3 player I have found (DOS)