Mpxplay with 632

Ben Joiner

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i have a cfontz 632 inverted display(serial). I'mm running Mpxplay just fine on my machine. The lcd works great with wintest. But when I try to get Mpxplay to operate the lcd, I get meaningless symbols that stream for a while. Eventually the streaming stops and I have to unplug and plug the lcd to get any activity out of it again. I've configured mpxplay to the com/serial port and adjusted it for a hd44780 compatible display. I can adjust the speed of the streaming with the stream speed setting in Mpxplay.ini. If anyone here knows anything about what's wrong, I would love to hear it. Thanks.
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Ben Joiner

New member

I got the software and it works with the crystalfontz 632. Let me cut and past the read me. :)

Version 1.49 Beta2
By Brent Harris
Based on MPXF, by Scott Bradshaw

This program is a frontend for MPXPlay, a popular audio player for DOS. It
supports parallel/serial LCD output and full control with a numeric keypad.
The frontend was written for those who want to build a stand-alone DOS-based
MP3 player and put it in their automobile. For those who've used MPXF at one
time or another, this program should look quite familiar. It's based largely
on the MPXF source code, released by its author when he stopped development on
the program.

While MPXF hasn't been updated since late 2000, MPXPlay has continued on,
adding various features along the way. MPXPlay 1.43 included a new user
interface and long filename support. Both were nice features, but the new
display layout isn't compatible with MPXF 1.4 Final. Later, support for
additional file formats (OGG, APE, etc) was added to MPXPlay. This was great,
except that MPXF 1.4 didn't support them. MpXT addresses these issues by
taking MPXF's source code and bringing it up to date.