Mounting a 634 in an external box.


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After thinking about it for a while, I guess it would be a better solution for me to mount the display in an external box, so I can keep it in front of me, instead of mounted in the PC.

I have found an excellent box for the job, a Teko plastic instrumentbox with alu front and back. Masuring 178W x 198D x 72H (mm), it is perfect. The inner height and depth of 66x172 mm is exactly what I need to mount the display.

Now for my questions:

1) After making a hole in the aluminium front, which is the best method of fastening the display to the front? Maybe I should buy the mounting bracket, cut it down to size, and glue it to the front of the box?

2) What is the best method of supplying the display with power? I guess I could get a 5V DC supply that can deliver enough current, and solder it to the contacts on the supply - or better: Buy your cable WR232Y02, so I won't "wear out" the display by soldering repeatedly on it. Are there any nifty power supplies available, with 5V PC-style molex connector, so I don't have to slice/dice/solder at all?

Thanks in advance!
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