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This is mainly a question for Crystalfontz but anyone is free to have opinions of course.

Today case modding is getting to be a fairly big business, along with other branching trends like SFF (small form factor) PCs. In these cases (and other as well) it's very common to see people wanting to personalize their computers for show-off or functional purposes. Indeed I think an LCD display is potentionally both functional and cool for me.

The problem is I can't find any nice little LCD displays. Well I can find the displays, but there is simply to much to research to be able to put one in my PC, specially one that fits in a regular drive bay. What I think there should be is displays in boxes/on rails that would just slide straight in your 3,5 or 5 1/4 bays. What I'm talking about isn't a graphical display that needs to 5,25s or a text display that _only_ needs one 3,5. I look at the actual text displays and think, hmm, this actually would fit my 3,5 if it wasn't for the circuit board behind it, and the lack of proper mounting. Then I can't figure out why only the standard most boring looking (text) displays are available with serial or USB.

What I'd like to see from Crystalfontz within the next couple of months (to not be overrun by competition) is text displays ready to plug in (just about) to a single 3,5 bay and graphical displays for 5,25 bays. Different optional masking covers in alu, black, white etc, with no printing on the front and no buttons and of course serial or preferably USB interface. Bundled software of course that could at least get you started displaying winamp, dvd player or system info without a lot of work. All the great different colours of the full range of the character displays currently available.

Is this way off in the future or happening pretty soon for Crystalfontz or are LCDs in PCs going to stay a thing for extreme modders?
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tss said:
Is this way off in the future or happening pretty soon for Crystalfontz or are LCDs in PCs going to stay a thing for extreme modders?
They are already simple to install. All you need to do is unpack it and slide it into available drive bay(s). There are hardware limitations that have absolutely nothing to do with CrystalFontz themselves.

What competition do you speak of? You already said that you can't find any "nice little LCD displays." All of the LCD developers that I've seen out there have the same manufacturing limitations that CF has.

Installing an LCD is far from extreme. It's an out-of-the-box thing, just like a hard drive or a cold-cathode is. It's simple. Buy CrystalFontz.