More button issues.

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Hey guys.
Bunch of issues so far with this 735 (with serial connection, COM1), but my primary concern at the moment is figuring out just what these buttons are for. I have read almost every post and have accumulated very little info.
My assumption is I am able to turn on/off the PC. Can I not use the arrows to do things such as adjust fan speeds? Can I not have multiple screens and use the arrows to scroll through them?

My other issues is the FSCAB. Most of the time the 735 loses it. It will not recognize it at all. Meaning when I try to drop information from CC2 under SCAB information, I select "This Module" and select something like fan temp or wire temp (both of which are plugged into the SCAB) and i get a 65535 instead of the fan or temp number and a NA on the LCD.
When I go into Module Configuration it shows the Temp sensor which is configured but it reads 0.00

After a few crashes and closing the process in task manager, I start CC2 back up, am able to get correct Temp and Fan speeds when I create a new screen, but when I go to reload it, it crashes on me.

My guess, driver issue.
I'm unable to get it to work at all on USB, even with the serial adapter removed. And yes I do have the right driver from your forum installed.
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