MMJB response


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Written to MMJB:

I would like to suggest that MMJB consider writing a plugin to support computer drive bay LCD's (i.e. CrystalFontz or Orbital Matrix). Winamp supports this function with a plugin that is supplied through a number of different software programs available for these displays. A number of us who support MMJB have posted to the Crystal Fontz forum asking for a plugin, but have been told it would have to be supplied through your company. Please consider providing one. Thanks-

Their (inadequate) response:

Thank you for contacting MusicMatch Support.

Unfortunately, MusicMatch Jukebox does not currently support the feature to which you are referring. We have entered this feature into our enhancements database where it will be tracked by our Product Development team for possible inclusion in a future version. We depend on valuable user feedback like yours for enhancement ideas, so if you should have any further suggestions for improvement, please let us know!

Start writing them folks- it's the only way to get their attention!
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