Mini 4*20?


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Would it be possible to make a mini 4*20 display? Preferably parallell according to me :). I want a little challenge in every schweet thing I make. I think it would be a great thing to be able to fit a 4*20 into a single drive-bay. At least I'd buy it even though shipping to sweden is a vomit-causing $30.. Also, are you planning to get into the VFD-business? The same format would also be fine as a VFD I'd say.
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Perhaps one day . . . :) but I would not hold my breath, it would be a pretty tight squeeze to put a 20x4 in a 5.25 bay.


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It would be tight. No doubt about it but the entire display area of the 634 would be 39mm. The thing that is too large is the PCB. Why does that have to be so big? I know there are a lot of pins in the chips that have to be connected but what if you made a double pcb connected to the other with berg connectors? That would result in two PCB:s sandwitched on top of each other. Would it be possible?


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As mentioned above all 4 row displays sit in the center of the PCB
leaving added room at top and bottom of the display.
Would it be possible to connect the screens with a flexable cable so the board could sit horzontal or vertical to the screen?

ex; ``````````| ----------------

``````screen ^ `````` ^ PCB

(`)is being used for spaceing
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