many displays in a network


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We're a music instruments retailer from Germany and we've just started building a new logistics center for our company which will (hopefully) be ready in September.

We're now currently thinking about using Crystalfontz displays for feedback messages to the warehouse people and the packers (they use barcode scanners and the display should return the product name, weight, warehouse space etc.) as well as for internal messaging purposes.

All in all we'd need about 30-60 displays on appx. 45.000 square feet (of course, bundled in smaller areas, not all over the place ;-)

At the moment we're got a bit stuck about the cabling issues and whether to buy serial or USB units.

Is there anyone around who is using many of the displays for a similar purpose and how would you propose to do the cabling stuff?

Thanks for your help and greetings from Germany,

Sven Schoderboeck
Musikhaus Thomann
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